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Do you wish to maximize your space? A two-story booth is a way to go. We carry an inclusive collection of double deck displays for rental or purchase. Whether your trade show is in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago or Orlando, Exhibit Nation has everything you need. Double Deck Exhibit offers endless possibilities. Two-story booth rentals get you everything from private meeting rooms to an inviting lounge and calm dining area.

Here is how we custom-tailored various Double Deck trade show booth to meet your specific requirements. Contact one of our sales representatives for additional information.

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Custom Laminate 10X 20 Inline

20 X 20 Double Deck

Custom 20 X 40 Laminate Island

40 X 40 Double Deck

Custom 40 X 60 Laminate and Tension Fabric Island

20 x 40 Double Deck

Custom 40 X 50 Themed Island

30 X 60 Double Deck

Custom 60 X 80 Island Rental

20  x 30 Double Deck

Custom Backlit Counter

60 x 80 Double Deck