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Most people are still under the impression that you must rent an exhibit from the show
general, this is not the case and we will be able to save you time and money. We can turn
around a design and a quote usually in 2-4 days, Produce the graphics, ship the booth, send our
crew to set up and dismantle the booth. You would just show up to the show and walk away when
it is over. We will handle everything else in-between. Hassle free exhibit rentals at discounted
pricing. Didn’t see what you were looking for? We can modify and customize any design.


From a sketch to a rendering to the show floor, Exhibit Nation provides a level of service
that set the industry standard every step of the way. We provide cutting edge designs using the
most up to date environmentally friendly materials. Our transportation is reliable and always on
time. And our experienced union labor team takes pride in their work, so you can rest assure that
once we build the booth on the floor it will exceed your expectations
.Whether  your trade show is in Los Angeles,Las Vegas, Chicago or Orlando. You show up to the show rested and ready to sell! Simply walk away when it’s over.