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Exhibit Nation has the largest variety of double decker booth designs. Double-story booths increase the vertical space of any booth; the additional floor that you get can be utilized to offer VIP services to your customers. All our double-decker booths are certified to meet even the strictest standards of Convention Centers country-wide. We own all the responsibility of transporting the double deck booth, setting up, and dismantling at the close of the trade show in the most hassle-free manner.

Double Deck Exhibit Rentals

Our double decker trade show booth is engineered by our top-notch team of professionals to withstand 100 to 125 pounds of weight per square foot approximately. With our exceptional skills, we design our double decker booth to be structurally integrated for indoor and outdoor use. We can turn these two-storeyed booths into masterpieces with our graphic design and vibrant backlighting.

We have the best range of double deck exhibit rentals and double decker exhibition stands with elaborate costings to include setup and transportation costs which save you from sudden surprises. To give an edge over your competitors, we include in our published prices a variety of additional facilities like an extra meeting room, inviting lounge, even a comfortable dining space, hospitality space, vibrant furniture, and accessories to equip you with the best to offer to your premium clients.

Double Decker Exhibition Stand

Our team of experts is unmatched in their techniques to offer double-deck booths that are flexible, visually appealing, spacious, and cost-effective. We are globally recognized for our quality standards and wealth of options to fit the diverse needs of our customers.

The design that fits in spaces as small and meets all quality standards concerning their stability portrays us as the industry leader. Our extraordinary designs allow incorporating vibrant signposts into our display to enhance your brand impressions. Join our network to experience your business scaling new heights.

Custom Laminate 10X 20 Inline

20 X 20 Double Deck

Custom 20 X 40 Laminate Island

40 X 40 Double Deck

Custom 40 X 60 Laminate and Tension Fabric Island

20 x 40 Double Deck

Custom 40 X 50 Themed Island

30 X 60 Double Deck

Custom 60 X 80 Island Rental

20  x 30 Double Deck

Custom Backlit Counter

60 x 80 Double Deck