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And What If My Customers Don't Like My New Branding?

One of the most important things I keep reminding you is to stay authentic, to stay yourself. To create a strong brand with a clear personality, you need to act following your core values and your passion at all times.

Now, what's going to happen if your current customers don't like your new branding? What if they stop buying from you and switch to a competitor?

This situation is, of course, one of the most common fears I'm facing in branding. But the real question is: if that happens, is it a bad thing?

Go away, haters!

Nope, it's not a bad thing to lose clients because of a strong branding.

Let me explain myself here: if the reason of their departure is that you don't fit their personalities anymore, well maybe those people never liked you for who you are, but for who you we're trying to be at first.

It's really heavy on your shoulders to act like someone else that you might not like just to attract people that might buy from you. Remember that you are in business to live the life you love, not to bend in front of haters that don't like the real "you".

So ask yourself: do I really love to work with those people?

Most of the time, the answer is "no". You don't like to work with people that don't like your personality because you can't clearly express yourself and you might feel bad about it.

Knowing that fact, do you still want to work with them? Do you still want them to buy your product? Not really huh?

Ok, pause button. Twitter really is a great small business resource. Just received a note from Mike at and i am genuinely interested! Alright, getting back on course here.

Define your ideal client

Who's your ideal client?

We're not talking about target audience, but about behaviours. You're working with humans, why not working with the perfect human for you?

Make a list of all the qualities and characteristics you want your clients to have and sort them in the order of importance. Those will be your filter when comes the time to decide if you want to work with someone or not.

If some clients don't have ALL the characteristics on your list, don't be picky; they can be awesome anyway. But if someone doesn't have a single characteristic in your top 5, you probably don't want to work with her.

Being in business is about respecting people and giving them the best, but it's also about respecting yourself. Respect the time you're investing in these people and the work you do. You'll feel better about yourself and your choices AND you'll work with amazing people.

Let's get real here

There's still a little warning about this. Should you just assume your people don't like your branding just because you know they don't get it? You might lose customers because they don't like your new branding, but also because nobody does! It's rude, but it might be real.

Know your customers before assuming that they are wrong. Try to understand why people are not buying from you before assuming that they are haters. Try to ask them in a survey.

You might find another reason and avoid doing a bad move.

I'll mention that I actually got the idea for this post chatting with Marty over at Titan Transline. Thank you for the seed. I guess you get inspiration in unexpected places.

Thank You - Really good business resource. - Absolutely worth exploring.

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