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Angie's List Comment Cards for Service Providers or Contractors

Angie's List comment cards are a great way to remind your customers to write a review on the site.

Contractors, dentists and other providers who depends on the site for work can customize these Angie's List comment cards as needed (your printer can do it if your not so good with design) and start giving these to their customers. The idea is to encourage more positive customer reviews on Angie's List business directory.

Anecdotally we've heard from customers that a bump of just a couple reviews from customers each month can lead to a 20% spike in business. Reviews are a good thing.

So for contractors and service providers that depend on Angie's List it's really important to do everything you can to encourage every single customer to write a review.

Sorry, just have to talk about this. Checking my hotmail as I write and I noticed an ad for this site, It is the fourth advertisement I have seen from their website today! I believe I'm being stalked! Alright, I am going to get back to what I was talking about 😉

To recap why you would want to give out Angie's List comment cards to your customers:

  1. Positive customer reviews arefree marketing that generate business.
  2. Business reviewsimprove local search rank and let more customers find your business.
  3. Reviews from satisfied customers protect you from the odd negative review. Itsorganic reputation management.

To get you started we've created some freeAngie's List comment cards to promote your service business.

  1. Download the files below.
  2. Customize them as needed.

These Angie's List comment cards can be easily customized.

The file is a zip file and contains everything you, or your graphic designer needs, to customize these for your business.

There are.docx .ai .psd and.jpg versions of the free comment cards. You'll need to unzip or extract the download file. People with little to no design experience.docx (MS Word) will be the easiest to manipulate and print at home.

I have to give appropriate credit with regard to this posting mainly to I actually got the idea for this post from I little piece I read from there site.

Thank You - Call these guys regularly. - A great website.

Posted in Business Service Post Date 09/27/2015






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