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Reasons to sell on ebay

As eBay evolves, so do the reasons people sell on the massive online marketplace. Some do so purely for profit, others to rid themselves of excess junk. Yet others (a growing number actually) are doing so for charitable reasons. You can either donate part of your auction's profits to a charity via eBay's Giving Works program or if you are a nonprofit, you can auction items for your charity. Why is this a great way to go versus the traditional fund raising dinners and silent auctions in expensive hotel ballrooms? Because in this economic climate, people may not be willing to shell out 2K a seat for a charity dinner; but offer them a signed LV bag and the knowledge that it's for charity, and they'll bite, and bite big.

Here are 5 reasons why you should sell on eBay if you're doing so for charity:

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1. You can reach a much larger audience than even the biggest private fund raising dinner or live auction.

2. You can cut out the costs for champagne, food or whatever incentives you use to get people to such an event.

3. You can reach multi millions online versus 500 at best in the largest ballroom or auction house.

4. Your volunteers will thank you for the chance to work in their PJ's for a few minutes instead of spending hours in uncomfortable formal wear at some swanky event.

5. You can raise awareness about your cause/charity through the multitude of eyes who will get to participate in your auction, when they normally wouldn't go to a fundraiser.

What can you sell, you may be asking? Anything you'd auction at a fundraiser or normally offer as a bonus to garnish donations. From jeweled frog brooches to a pair of tickets to a Broadway show. It all goes on eBay That is, except food, alcohol, or cigars (so sad).

It is also worth noting that in studies, it's been shown that the average eBay buyer feels more comfortable bidding on an item designated to go to charity (or part of the profits go to charity). And because of that, the eBay buyer will most likely bid higher. So at times, the painting you we're going to offer at silent auction will go for much more if put on eBay and promoted through simple word of mouth.

If you have a charity website, this is a great place to put links to your eBay auctions; eBay makes it very simple for those with personal sites to connect to online auctions through a few clicks of buttons.

Nothing is more noble than charity and nothing is more fun than selling for charity on eBay!

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