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Sales Myth

There's this myth that successful people must have this great sales pitch in order to steadily sponsor new consultants. In reality, it's the ability to connect with people by asking them questions then shutting up, and listening. Really listening. Not just waiting for them to stop talking so you can start babbling on about your brilliant opportunity. Not yet. Hold your horses and find out as much as you can about the person in front of you.

The rookie mistake that everyone makes, myself included, is trying to push your company on to people. We're looking for someone that's a fit. You're not going to find them if you don't ask the right questions.

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Tell a little bit about yourself, then ask them, "What do you do?" No pitching.

What are their dreams, desires, and discontent? It is often someone who's disappointed with their current situation that you'll be able to offer them an alternative. Perhaps you have a means to make their dreams come true. Something you would not have found out if you had started rabbling before building a rapport.

Ask questions, show interest, and stay detached from the outcome. Don't get too excited. It's great to have a uplifting attitude, but we also want to control our enthusiasm. Continue asking questions, you don't want to just jump in with your pitch.

After someone has expressed one of their dreams, you could ask another question like: "Is this something you think you'll able to do?" Listen. If they say no, you can say something like: "I think I can help." or "You should do what I do."

Keep asking questions and figure out their mindset. What's missing in their lives that you can help them fulfill? Ask questions. Listen. Repeat. I'm deliberately repeating those words. So many never learn this crucial task.

We can be listening all the time. Wherever we are, there are people who may be looking for our product/service/opportunity. It is by friendly conversations where you find out about people by genuinely asking them questions. Listening and asking another. We're here to help people by offering them an alternative or addition to what they're currently doing.

If it's not an appropriate time for such a conversation, ask to meet up later for coffee. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just pique their curiosity. Stoke the fire. You want to draw the right sponsors to you. Not chase after them desperately.

71% of people that we come in contact with are unhappy with their careers. Most of us are taught to be employees. If you try to change their perspectives too quickly, they're more inclined to say no. Open up their way of thinking gradually.

A crucial tip for sponsoring new consultants into your business. Present the part of your business that will benefit them the most personally. Not everyone wants to travel, or make six figures. Some people may not be able, nor have a desire to travel; so you wouldn't want to first start talking about all the great trips abroad your company offers. Same with potential incomes. Someone might only be looking for a little extra spending money, and if you ramble on about the six figures your friends are making, you might scare them off. Know who you're dealing with.

Truly believe in what we're saying. We transfer our beliefs without even realizing. Become an expert in your field. You're searching to sponsor into your business people who are dreamers. Those who are positive, deserving, ambitious, already successful, concerned about their children, or concerned about retirement.

Be resilient. It's perfectly natural to hear "no." Stay passionate. We are the brokers of HOPE. When we succeed, we inspire others to follow their dreams who might not have dared. We live as inspiration for those around us.

By learning to ask and listen, you'll not only improve your sponsoring track record; you'll also make some great connections in the process.

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