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When it comes to making money on the internet you have many different...

When it comes to making money on the internet you have many different options available. You can opt to go with the traditional internet marketing method where you make a website to promote a product or service. You can become an affiliate where you sell other peoples products to earn a commission. Another option is to start an e-commerce website and sell products that you either drop-ship or manufacture yourself. If none of these methods sound interesting you can opt to create a membership site.

A membership site makes it's money from the monthly, yearly or one-time fees that are paid by members to join the website. Starting a membership website can be difficult in the beginning, especially attracting enough customers to pay a subscription to earn a living. There are many aspects related to starting a successful membership-based website including creating enough valuable content to attract members, promoting your website using SEO or paid advertising and updating your website on a regular basis to ensure your members stick around and continue to pay their monthly dues.

Creating the Website

The first step in creating a membership-based website is coming up with an idea that is worth monetizing. A membership website can be based on virtually anything, although certain niches and categories have a higher value of monetization than others. Popular categories include websites relating to making money on the internet, how to promote websites, how to sell products and how to become a better person. The niche that you choose depends upon your experience and confidence in creating quality material based on the niche.

After you have decided what type of niche you want your website to be based around the second step is coming up with the type of website you want to make. You have two basic choices a membership based forum that centers around allowing access to restricted content that is updated on a regular basis, or a forum-based website where you restrict access to certain parts of the forum. A forum is generally considered the better option because most of your content will be created automatically for you by your members. This in contrast to a high-quality content membership based website where all of the content must either be written by the site owner or outsourced to different writers.

Promoting your Website

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The second step in creating a successful membership based website is promoting your site to attract more paying customers. There are many routes you can use when promoting your website, as outlined below:

  • Search Engine Optimization SEO is one of the oldest and most-used methods of attracting customers. It revolves around promoting certain keywords using backlinks and the correct on-page SEO properties to ensure your website ranks high in various search engines. This allows people to find your website in the search engines based on the particular terms they are searching for.
  • Paid Advertising Another method you have to promote your website is paid advertising. This comes in the form of either banner advertising on other websites, PPC (pay per click) advertising using popular methods such as the Google AdWords program, or purchasing clicks through various websites. The method you use for paid promotion depends on your available budget as well as your goals for the website.
  • Social Media The final method you can use for promotion of your website is through social media and word-of-mouth networking advertising. This has the advantage of being free and easy to use. Start by making Facebook and Twitter pages about your website or about the niche your website centers around. Make updates on these pages providing useful and valid information to your customers, along with links back to your website. This will draw in people and make them more likely to purchase a subscription.

Again, the methods you use for promotion depend on how much money you're willing to spend for advertising, how much time you have available and your experience.

Continual Updates/Maintenance

One of the most important aspects related to creating a membership-based website is providing continual and constant updates for your website. There are a variety of ways to go about accomplishing this goal. If you run a forum-based site then this step is primarily taken care of by your members, as they will continue to post useful and valuable content free of charge.

If you're running a high-quality content based subscription website you are left with one of two choices create high quality content yourself and continue to post it to your website, or outsource the content to a third-party vendor. You can also invite other experts in the same niche to guest blog on your website in exchange for a backlink. The methods you use depend entirely upon which type of website you're running and your available budget, as well as your reputation.

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